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The most iconic solid colour collection by Somma 1867.
Constantly updated with trendy nuances, the present household linen collection dresses all the rooms of the home: starting from the bedroom with bed sheets sets, bedspreads and practical duvet covers, all crafted in pure cotton percale 80 threads/cmq and perfectly coordinated with the Origami, up to the bathroom area with the very soft terry cloth for towels, bathrobes and other towelling articles

principale_21 principale_21
16873_Origami_spugna1_11 21 16873_Origami_spugna1_11 21
18280_ORIGAMI_LIVING_COPRIL_09 22_v349 18280_ORIGAMI_LIVING_COPRIL_09 22_v349
ORIGAMI_16270_SACCO_03_10_19 ORIGAMI_16270_SACCO_03_10_19
ORIGAMI_LENZUOLA_16270_03_10 19 ORIGAMI_LENZUOLA_16270_03_10 19