A tradition that lasts for centuries

Somma 1867 carefully selects the best natural fibers: wool, cotton, linen. The whole production cycle happens in Italy, in its own premises: weaving, printing, dyeing, finishing, packaging, quality control. The integrated production, combined with a strong social and environmental responsibility, makes Somma 1867 a leader in luxury bedlinen. Totally made in Italy. The textile tradition and history harmoniously combined with modern technologies, represent the distinctive features of Somma 1867. A great cultural heritage, reinterpreted in nowadays dynamism, to dress your home and live the most refined italian elegance in everyday life.

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The constant research brings to the creation of new collections, capable of anticipating the wishes of our customers, interpreting fashion and identifying  the trends of style and everyday life. Somma 1867 creates high-end collections, to satisfy all needs and designed to obtain unique combinations of colors and patterns. The collection of throws and blankets with its wide offer in pure and blended cashmere, fine merino lambswool and other precious wools, is the warmest and most precious Somma 1867 proposal for your home.

Somma 1867 is distributed wordlwide in the best specialty shops and in the top department stores. Customized products, with tailoring details, specifically studied for hotels, private residences, yachts and spas are made on demand in Somma 1867 La Suite exclusive collection. Today Somma 1867 is part of Gabelgroup, one of the largest European textile groups.

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Here are some versions of the Somma logo, from the economic boom years in Italy.
The first logo, found in the archive dates back to the 50s. The green, white and black geometric graphics surrounding the brand dressed the famous blanket boxes, making them easily recognizable within the boutiques.
In the following decade, the brand was already so famous that you decided to opt for a simpler graphics, inserting the brand inside a circle, but keeping the lettering. The same logo is shown on the new factory moved from Somma Lombardo to the neighboring town of Mornago.
In the mid 70’s, the famous designer Bob Noorda was called for the study of the new logo. Noorda designs the graphics of the metros of Milan and New York, the logos of Mondadori, Feltrinelli, Agip, Philips just to name a few, in those same years.
In the 1990s, on the occasion of the acquisition of the brand, the logo was renewed, keeping in fact the lettering chosen by Noorda making it more elegant and current.
Finally, in 1997, on the occasion of the celebrations of 130 years, is inserted inside the ellipse that contains the brand, the date of foundation: 1867, just to emphasize the great textile tradition and the prestige lusters that still today identify the brand.


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