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For over 150 years, Somma 1867 has manufactured high-quality linens and textile accessories with a unique style. You can trust Somma; check our textile guidelines to best take care of your cotton and wool fabrics.
Enter our world of manufacturing heritage and modern creativity. 

We are based in Lake Como, historic textile district, immersed in the culture of “beautiful and well-made” that identifies the best made-in-italy in the world.
Our stylish collections of home linens and our wool-products are known and loved all over the world; the refined bedding fabrics and the precious wools we select for throws and blankets, are finished with unmatched innovative processes.

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I plaid e le coperte Somma1867 sono splendidi complementi arredo, rifiniti con la cura di sempre e realizzati per durare nel tempo; in cashmere e lane della migliore qualità, vengono filati, tessuti e confezionati in Italia.
Coperte calde ed eleganti, avvolgenti plaid, si abbinano perfettamente alle nostre collezioni di biancheria letto, la nostra teleria in pregiati raso e percalle, frutto dell’ esperienza ultracentenaria e del nostro heritage.

Also, incredibly soft bathrobes with comfortable cuffs and deep pockets match with a wide range of towels, made with terry or honeycomb fabric.

Somma1867 dresses your home with style and italian quality.

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