We love making our collections with the same care we had over 150 years ago, paying the same attention to every production step, respecting the environment and our people. We are careful in everyday choices to reduce the impact of our production and we are always engaged in continuous challenges to reach international certifications on our production chain. We are animated by values defined within a Code of Ethics which drives us to seek constant improvement.

Attention to quality, respect for the ecosystem, reduction of consumption, energy efficiency, care in choosing raw materials, recycling, personal safety and social responsibility is assured in carrying out the production processes.

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Made in Italy household linen embodies the core meaning of Italian excellence in terms of design, care, quality of fabrics and craftsmanship. Operating in Italy and controlling the entire production-chain, from weaving, printing, dyeing, fabric finishing, cut and sew and packaging, means being able to offer the highest quality with a unique and unmistakable style. The luxury of creating fabrics from a careful selection of the best cotton and wool yarns, the most advanced weaving techniques combined with knowledge of the textile tradition since 1867. State of the art technology in the dyeing, printing and finishing processes enable us to offer high-end home textiles as a result of innovation and continuous research . Somma1867 combines tradition and innovation.

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The interior of a house. Its cozy beauty. The traditional Italian care for the fabrics in everyday life, always in new clothes. From the world of fine fabrics and elegant towels to that of the precious jacquard fabrics that with loom workings present unique and exclusive designs, up to the printed on fine sheer of pure cotton, Somma1867 collections range in the world of household linen, united by the common thread of continuous research of style. A style office constantly engaged in studying new proposals, refined and unpublished to furnish the whole house. The world of wool is constantly evolving and alongside the great classics of Somma, loved all over the world, there are plaids and blankets with new colors, new combinations, new patterns. Somma is Italian textile tradition and style for the home, thanks to an Italian chain driven by the great creativity of the Bel Paese.