The investments of Gabel Group in technological and industrial fields have continued with the adoption of a new cutting-edge machinery: the Jungheinrich EKX-516K forklift.

This new entry represents the latest in a long series of important investments that the company has been carrying out for a long time; first with the adoption of a Salvadè Mach5 tumbler and then with Ferraro squeezing scarf.

Present and operational since the end of June in the historic Rovellasca plant, this forklift is specialized in vertical warehouses for the deposit and removal of entire pallets in high-height racks.

A feature that distinguishes it from previous models is that of being able to raise not only the pallet but also the operator, up to a maximum height of about 10 meters. This makes it a very flexible machine and suitable for stock picking actions, for carrying out maintenance of the shelves, arranging or checking the stock of materials without necessarily having to lower the goods to the ground as was previously the case.

The intelligent assistance systems from Jungheinrich EKX-516K ensure an optimum driving behavior and the maximum safety. The drivers of the forklift are equipped with a climbing harness and a safety helmet. Moreover they must follow a dedicated course for driving machines at height with relative practical test of abseiling equipped with the supplied emergency rope.

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