Memoria by Somma1867 is a choice, an eco-sustainable project that has become a message of love for our next generations.

A collection capable of combining values ​​of environmental and social sustainability, but at the same time always looking for beauty and well-made. An iconic line, characterized by prestigious, timeless solid colors, which has been recognized with the GOTS certification, the most important for the sustainable production of textile products made with natural fibers from organic agriculture.

With Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), reference is made to an independent certification system for the entire textile production chain. The use of natural biological fibers, their traceability along the production chain and the adoption of eco-sustainable processes, has led to the formalization of the international GOTS standard, which allows the production and promotion of textile products that respect the environment and fundamental social rights workers.
GOTS has been developed by international organizations - leaders in organic agriculture - in order to guarantee the consumer that organic textile products are obtained in compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria, applied at all levels of production: for example, only products containing at least 70% of natural fibers from organic farming can obtain certification.
The GOTS certification excludes the use of harmful chemicals, providing for restrictive rules on the treatment of waste water and imposing procedures to reduce the consumption of water and energy. The social criteria of the international labor organization must also be respected, regarding safe working conditions, the absence of discrimination and of course the ban on child labor.

The company is attentive to the health of those who use their garments, with full respect for nature, the planet and the generations to come and, to further enhance the investment, Gabel Group has created new totally PLASTIC FREE packaging.
In fact, the finished product is wrapped in a fabric - always GOTS certified - closed with a simple lanyard and a paper label where the certification is told and placed in a 100% plastic free envelope.
Memory is characterized by the following elements: complete double bed and complete double duvet cover and pair of pillowcases, all made of pure organic cotton percale, characterized by a slightly worn, sophisticated effect and available in white, petal, air and linen; double bedspread (available in air, linen, wool and crow white), kimono bathrobe (available in wool and crow white), hooded bathrobe, 1 + 1 towel set, bath towel (all available in white, petal, indigo, frost, linen, white wool, fog and crow), made with organic honeycomb fabric.

The whole line is in GOTS certified organic fabric, 100% Made in Italy, and embellished with Somma 1867 labels. In Italy there is nothing like it with proudly Made in Italy production, a collection that we are sure will tell the values ​​of Somma 1867 with style and charm.
Memory is the happiness of going home, leaving haste, noise and stress outside the door. It is the ability to fully enjoy the here and now, to recognize and appreciate the little great pleasures. Bed linen and bathroom articles become complicit in your harmony. Somma 1867 currently intercepts an increasingly urgent need for well-being and sustainability: well-being understood as a relief from daily frenzy, choosing to live serenely in an ethically sustainable way.
Sleeping and drying yourself with this collection will revive sweet, protected memories, past memories of sensations of warmth, protection and care.