The arrival in Italy of the Monsterts family of Dutch origin dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Ermanno Monsterts founded the Somma Wool Mill in Milan in 1867, with a factory in Via Quadronno. 

Subsequently, in 1883 he chose the area adjacent to the waters of the Ticino river for the new plant, so as to be able to use its abundant water and give energy to the looms.

At first the wool factory produced woolen shawls sold to the Milanese nobility who, admiring the fine weaving, fell in love with the brand making it grow on the market through word of mouth first in Lombardy and then throughout Italy. In 1914 the production of blankets began, mainly due to the need to satisfy the demand for war supplies. The changed commercial prospects of the post-war period determined the decision to combine weaving with spinning, thus opening the production possibilities for the combed. In the years of the economic boom, the Somma woolen mill became the undisputed leader of wool in Italy.

With the arrival on the Italian market of down jackets, around the 70s, SOMMA combined with the production of wool, refined coordinated bed in cotton. Certainly the new lifestyles slow down the market of wool, which until then was in strong growth, transforming blankets and throws into household items and furnishing accessories for the Italian elite that does not renounce to dress the bed with fine wools and precious loom processing combined with co-ordinates of fine satin and cotton percale. In early June 1996, Gabel spa announced to the press the acquisition of the historic wool mill. With this operation the company from Como completes its offer and adds to its important collections of cotton household linen, the wool sector but above all a luxury brand that still today represents its premium brand.