Are you about to take the big step? Somma 1867 traces the history of double bedding and presents an exclusive offer of household linen: sheets, duvet covers, quilts, tablecloths, table services, runners, bathrobes, towels, towels and furniture and plaid pillows, all certified and Made in Italy. The dowry and the trousseau: past traditions

Since the early twentieth century the spouses' families stipulated in writing the "matrimonial chapters", with which the bride's family, in proportion to the economic possibilities, quantified with the groom the dowry (houses, land, properties, commercial activities) and the kit.
The bride's family donated the dowry to the groom as a sign of gratitude for having welcomed her into her family and for allowing her to contribute to the maintenance of the same.
After the wedding the dowry was managed directly by the groom and on his death it was returned to his wife. In the event that the bride died, the groom was required, in the absence of children, to return the dowry to the bride's family.
The outfit constituted the finest linen and household items in possession of the future bride, in proportion to the economic availability of the same: it was a typical custom, especially in Southern Italy, to buy for young and very young girls sheets, towels, tea towels, blankets and batteries of steel pans. The objects of the kit were delivered in 6 or multiples of 6 (for example 24 tablecloths, 12 sheets and 6 towels).

The dowry and the trousseau nowadays

The new family law abolished the dowry obligation in 1975 (although much is still being donated by both families to the married couple, from home to jewelry). The family tradition of wanting to help the couple in wedding expenses (donating sheets, towels, tablecloths and other household linen) still remains. The modern outfit has changed consistency: it constitutes a gradual contribution and not a gift delivered at a specific moment.
Today a good part of the wedding list can be made up of the outfit, the couple can insert what they like or miss in their love nest (household linen but also household appliances, silverware and accessories functional to maintaining a clean home) .

The wedding kit, what should not be missing?


As for the table, it would be good to have 4 tablecloths a day and at least two elegant ones (possibly embroidered with linen and complete with napkins), in the kitchen there should never be a dozen tea towels (of linen and cotton), between two and four aprons and at least 6 potholders. From pure cotton, to mixed linen cotton, embroidered and jacquard prints, colors and textures of the breath, the primary purpose of the table and kitchen signed Somma 1867 is to provide exclusive and classy products. The table service including coordinated tablecloth and napkins, embroidered with elegant finishes and fabrics printed on panama in pure cotton satin or percale, American sets and runners suitable for dressing the table in the most suitable way for informal situations. You will find the ideal products to furnish the kitchen with style: different designs and collections build chromatic games with a high visual impact.


For a good outfit, four or five pairs of sheets are enough, with pillowcases, obviously signed Somma 1867. Choose them double, one and a half or for beds (Trudi Home collection) able to satisfy your well-being needs during rest. From the most classic and austere elegance of the Empire to the style of Oscar, our range of products offers a wide choice of flannel, percale, satin, classic linen and linen blend for your love nest. Fabrics and yarns of the highest quality such as Essence linen, our exclusive complete duvet cover from the Firma di Somma 1867 collection. You will find the same nuances and characteristics on the duvet covers made of percale, satin and classic canvas, printed or jacquard and embroidered and in all bedding elements (from quilts to bedspreads, quilted or light).
For the cold winter nights, cuddled with your wife or husband, we have created a line of heavy, prestigious blankets with a sophisticated style and unique softness. Among the many proposals we recommend Naga, the most exclusive of the collection, a unique, very soft, decorative and modern complement to indulge in. In fine wool, 100% cashmere, available in two color variations.


Eight large and eight small towels are sufficient for your bathroom, as well as two guest towels, two bathrobes and possibly a selection of bath towels and rugs.
Somma 1867 allows you to finely furnish your bathroom: you will discover the harmonious and relaxing shades of Alma, the Oscar style and the liveliness of Origami and Origami Travel. Let yourself be enveloped by the softness and elegance of Ultraleggero, the elegant sponge, light and compact. Dedicated to those looking for practicality and comfort without sacrificing the soft caresses and delicacies typical of the honeycomb signed Somma 1867 and Gabel Group. A proposal conceived for an enterprising, refined and classy woman is that of Lady, the collection created exclusively for her: bathrobes, 1 + 1 sets and bath towels, available in different variants: white, gray and natural.
Choosing your outfit is an important step: Somma 1867 will make this moment unique, offering you only the best for your new married life. A selection of fine, exclusive, certified and Made in Italy household linen.