For the Fall/Winter season 2021-2022, Somma1867 delights all consumers with the introduction of unique and unprecedented household linen proposals which is the result of the great creativity of the Gabel Group's Style and Product Department.

The Suites collection, created in collaboration with the artist Elena Carozzi, is characterized by real works of art on satin, thanks to different suggestions and a skillful combination of colors, light and refined fabrics. Aerial, Heritage and Blanche are the three new designs declinated in bed sheets set/bedspreads, quilts and duvet covers. Moreover, for this collection, a new cotton satin processing cycle has been adopted in order to give an even more silky effect to the touch. 

The Oscar collection by Somma1867 is aimed primarily at design lovers, those who appreciate contemporary lifestyles and seek uniqueness. Like Suites, Oscar is also a proposal which underlines an exquisitely artistic nature, capable of attracting the sight, heart and mind of every observer. The collection presents four new designs - Rea, Mida, Atena and Crono - printed on pure cotton satin with 120 threads/sqm. Also for this collection, in which all the designs have been updated, a new processing cycle has been used which has alrea revolutionizing the touch of satin.

Through the No-Made collection, instead, Somma1867 has freely experimented the yarn-dyed linen jacquard, where cotton satin is charaterized by a super soft finish. The quality of the material, together with the technical expertise involved, have given life to a magnificent and elegant collection that can easily fit into any context and transmitting real poetic and emotional messages. The Nubra design, declined in bed sheets set, plaid quilt, jacquard half-cloth and decorative cushions, was created with a skilful mix of processes and fabrics. The Siwa proposal, crafted with satin 120 threads/sqm igive a pleasant feel to the touch, stimulating people's natural well-being.

Somma1867 also proposes the elegant and refined Impero collection, with three new designs - Galizia, Domizia and Dione - and a new bathroom proposal, thanks to the Nubes' tip-sheared terry cotton, light and soft as a cloud, and Piping enriched with new elements in satin.

Jardin is a new collection proposed by Somma1867 for the next season: with a floral soul it is characterized by 4 designs that can instantly transmit a feeling of great refinement: these are Acquamarina and Ametista, obtained thanks to digital printing, as well as Perla and Ambra, with shading printed motifs. This collection distinguished itself by a classic and at the same time undeniably modern spirit, full of harmony and subtle reminds to the world of art. The elements of this collection were printed on percale of 80 threads per square meter.

On the other hand, the iconic fine wool blankets and throws selection by Somma1867 are made of cashmere and fine wools, capable of softly enveloping and bringing a pleasant feeling of warmth, especially in the coldest moments. The two new proposals, Cashiver and Ulysse, are 100% cashmere, while the new Cork throw is made of 100% lambswool. This proposal also distinguishes itself by the wide range of the offer which is characterized by the assortment of fine throws in cashmere, baby alpaca or mohair. The color palette of the Origami proposal has also been updated with the introduction of two new colors, in addition to the beloved classic Naga cashmere blanket.

The Somma1867 Fall/Winter collections are completed by the Filo di Lino table proposal, which transforms the most convivial environment of the home into a meeting and sharing place, with 4 new designs printed on a linen and cotton blend, particularly suitable for young people, but also to those who want to create new combinations with different colors. The new designs in question are Lamar, Resia, Iseo and Garda.

Among Somma1867’s offer dedicated to the table, there is also the Essentials collection with its elegant table-cloths particularly suitable for special moments to spend in company. The tablecloths have been made with finest Made in Italy fabrics, such as satin, bormio, twill and a linen-cotton blend.

For the present season, Somma1867 also presents the Lifestyle collection: with the Tea design declined in bed sheets sets, duvet covers, quilts and quilted bedspreads and the Trudi Home collection, dedicated to children, with three new proposals, that is Nap, Stripes and Coccole, the latter enriched by two new variants with support in pure cotton madapolam.

All the elegance of Somma 1867  where the best quality and attention to tailored details, together with the innovative, never common stylistic offer and the research for an always unique and inimitable designs are well coordinated with the renewed wide proposal launched by the brand for the Fall/Winter campaign.